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Таня Минчева
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A Coffinful of Nightmares: Thirteen Terrifying Tales

This excellent collection of darkly disturbing tales will suck you into the weird and wonderful world of the author’s imagination, populated by vengeful witches, ravenous zombies, serial killers, alien monsters, bloodthirsty androids and even a man who feeds on dreams. Enter at your peril!

Emil Minchev was born in Sofia, Bulgaria and has published four novels in his native country, ranging from horror to sci-fi and everything in-between. He has also translated more than forty books from English into Bulgarian, among them Bram Stoker’s Dracula, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, Diana Wynne Jones’s Castle in the Air and Guillermo Del Toro’s The Fall. In 2018 his horror novella Children of the Night was included in the collection Dracula: Rise of the Beast.

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Предпечат: Биляна Славкова

If a novel is a long and torrid love affair, full of ups and downs and highs and lows, then a short story is merely a kiss from a stranger in the dark – a fleetingly intense experience that grips the heart, ignites the blood and lingers in the memory.

The seven stories collected in this volume explore the world of darkness – the outer darkness which surrounds us and where all the monsters live… and the inner darkness where all your secret demons dwell and fester undisturbed, feeding on your soul.


Emil Minchev was born in 1984 in Sofia, Bulgaria, and has published six novels and a short story collection in his native country. He is the author of the critically acclaimed Bunk Romero series of sci-fi mystery novels, a collection of short stories written in English called ‘A Coffinful of Nightmares’ and the novella ‘Children of the Night’, which in 2018 was collected in the volume ‘Dracula: Rise of the Beast’, published by Abaddon Books.